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Decentralized distributed applications are applications in which a computer (server) is not the center, the database is located on each computer, and all the computers agree on transactions and are approved.

Decentralized Distributed App

If we need to define Blockchain in the shortest possible way, we can say the technology behind consensus and consensus. If there are concepts such as reconciliation, consensus or offset in any business unit, we can apply BlockChain as a technology.

Blockchain acts as a notary on the data, proving that the data will not change because if the data changes the chain will break and the network will not be able to approve this operation which will cause the computer to break the chain.

Whether you want to keep and run these applications as a private network within your organization, you want to run them as distributed applications in a public network as a startup, as a Codevist, blockchain technology, or HyperLeader or Ethereum network - dApps- We're having a lot of thinking about your distributed application ideas.

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