Online Card Stock Management System

Codevist Online Card Stock Management System

What is the Online Card Stock Management System?

It is a system in which banks, card-stocked businesses can manage card stock status, report cards stock status and receive stock alarms for specified situations.

Thanks to cardStock;

It is now easy to follow and manage all the steps in reaching the end user from the production of cards.

cardStock About;

Advantages ofcardStock;

  • Tracking by multiple product, segment, logo mapping
  • Monitoring of Total Stock Quantity at the time of delivery and loss entry of cards transferred to more than one spot
  • Monitoring of cards at multiple locations from the General Manager
  • System give alarm when cards below a certain number (parametric definition) in the stocks
  • Easy reconciliations on physical counts
  • Card and Location Based Reporting
  • Online integration possibility with Web Services